Refund Giant syncs with your credit or debit card to automatically issue fast, hands-free VAT refunds for travellers by detecting purchases abroad


Beta testing Q4 2019 for UK shopping

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FAST payment

Standard refunds take 3 to 6 weeks to process.

Get your refund in under 48 hours.

Larger refund

Hidden costs add up to service fees of 30 to 70%.

Save up to 50% more when using Refund Giant.

At all stores

Stores have minimum spending limits, or don't even offer refunds.

Claim a refund at all stores, with no minimum.





No need to ask for or manually fill out an in-shop tax refund form again. Our app does it all for you completely hands-free.



At the airport, simply get a digital stamp from customs by showing them the forms on our app and board your flight.



As soon as we receive your digital stamp, Refund Giant automatically releases your VAT returns to your bank or credit card.



Questions? | 有问题吗?

How does Refund Giant make money? | Refund Giant如何赚钱?

We charge a small service fee on each refund. Refund Giant's fee is way less than our competitors, who charge massive fees due to the thousands of employees they have on payroll processing refunds manually. You'll save up to 50% more when using Refund Giant. -----


Refund Giant的费用远低于我们的竞争对手,他们收取巨额费用,因为他们需要给成百上千的手动处理退款的员工支付工资。

使用Refund Giant,您将节省高达50%以上。

Why do I link my card? | 为什么要链接我的银行卡?

You link your credit or debit card so that our app can recognize eligible purchases abroad. We use the the purchase information to compile the necessary digital forms for customs, and to create a compiled digital receipt of all purchases. -----


我们使用消费信息编制海关需要的数字表格, 并为所有的消费创建一个已编译的的数字收据。

Is Refund Giant secure? | Refund Giant 安全吗?

Yes. Your privacy and the security of your personal information are our priorities. We encrypt all information when storing it in our databases. ----- 是的。您的隐私和个人信息的安全是我们优先考虑的事项。我们数据库中存储的所有信息都会进行加密。

What can I get a tax refund on? | 什么东西可以退税?

Refund Giant allows you to get a VAT refund on all purchases from stores in the UK (no minimum spend), aside from the following exceptions below. Our app automatically recognizes eligible purchases, so you will not need to manually categorize your purchases yourself. - Tax-free products - Services, for example, hotel bills - Online purchases More specific exceptions include: - Goods (for example, perfume or chocolates) that you’ve used, or partly used, in the EU motor vehicles and boats - Goods over £600 in value that will be exported for business purposes (you have to use a form C88 for these) - Goods that will be exported as freight and goods that need an export licence (except antiques) - Unmounted gemstones and bullion (over 125 grammes, 2.75 troy ounces or 10 Tolas) -----

Refund Giant允许您在所有英国商店的消费(没有最低消费) 获得增值税退税,除了以下的例外情况。我们的应用程序自动识别符合条件的消费,所以您不需要手动分类您的消费。










Am I eligible to get a tax refund? | 我有资格获得退税吗?

Refund Giant can help you claim a VAT refund if: - You live outside the EU - You plan to take the goods out of the EU by the last day of the third month after the the month you bought them in If you’re an overseas resident studying or working in the UK, or a resident of the EU you can use the scheme if you: - Plan to take the goods out of the EU by the last day of the third month after the the month you bought them in - Can show that you’ll be staying outside the EU for at least 12 months -----

Refund Giant可以帮助您申请退税,如果:






Which countries can I use Refund Giant in? | 我可以在哪些国家使用Refund Giant?

You can make purchases in the United Kingdom, but you can depart the EU from any country. ----- 您可以在英国购物,但您可从欧盟的任何国家出境

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Please email us your question at ----- 请将您的问题发邮件至